Makeup free at work

My cat Pepper – looking as sleepy as I feel.

Let’s talk about makeup for a second. I’m not a huge makeup person, never have been. However, I do love my mascara and wear it basically everyday, with the occasional liquid eye liner added in for extra effect, but that’s the extent of my look.

Today, for the first time ever, I forgot to put mascara on for work and found myself in a slight panic. Maybe it’s because I only got 4-5 hours of sleep last night, but for some reason I found myself worrying about what everyone in the office was going to think. Was someone going to point it out? Would someone think I looked ill?

Now that I sit here, I wonder to myself, why do we women allow ourselves to worry so much about everyone’s perception of us? I’m a rather self conscious and shy person, so I think that plays into things now and then, but I wish I didn’t worry so much about what everyone thinks. I’m going to work on.

Here’s to makeup free workdays and feeling comfortable in your own skin. I challenge you to forget your makeup too.

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