Crazy Cotton Candy in Asia

When I was in Asia, there was one food related thing on my bucket list, and that was to get a crazy shaped fun cotton candy. Cotton candy in the US is simply not as exciting or shapely as it is in Asia.

I found a cute cotton candy stand in the Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall while in the Philippines, and had to check it out!

The cotton candy met my expectations. It was cute and fluffy, but once I walked outside to cross the street to get to the office, it deflated really quickly!

How did it taste?
Unfortunately, not as tasty as it looked! I don’t know how to explain the flavor but it wasn’t sweet or similar tasting to traditional cotton candy here in the US. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the facial features being made of seaweed, which I definitely didn’t want to eat.

Check out my video below, and feel free to subscribe on YouTube 🙂 I’ve got many more videos on their way!

I also spotted some massive volcano cloud like cotton candy treats while in Harajuku in Toyko!

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