A look back at recent weddings

IMG_4232In the past year I’ve attended three weddings, one having been just a couple of weeks ago. Going to weddings is a great way to gain ideas for your own wedding. While I’m not engaged yet, (still waiting…) I love to just absorb everything. Now onto the juicy stuff…

Buffet style cocktail hours need labels!
At the last wedding I attended there were a number of food items around the room but none of them had labels, nor were there wait staff present to let you know what was in the dish. I personally won’t feel too adventurous if the food on display isn’t labeled and is hard to distinguish. Keep in mind there might be people in the crowd with allergies or food sensitivities so labels just make sense.

The couple should always greet guests individually.
Most of the couples at the weddings I’ve attended have come around to each table and greeted guests, thanking them for coming, but one couple didn’t which I found to be a bit disappointing. Sure, you may not know everyone really well (or in some cases at all) but saying “hi” and “thank you” is a pretty painless thing to do. I find this to be a great touch, and makes your guests feel important and appreciated. I really felt touched by my friends who made this effort and I’ll remember to reciprocate when my day comes too.

Guests are going to touch your centerpieces.
Guests are always curious when it comes to elaborate centerpieces – are they real or are they fake? Flowers are crazy expensive, so I understand why some couples opt to go down the fake flower route, at least for their centerpieces. Just expect people to touch your centerpieces out of curiosity. If you’re cool with that, power to you!


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