Men’s Spring Stitch Fix Review

Photo courtesy of Stitch Fix

With the promise of  warmer temperatures around the corner, it was time for my boyfriend, Brian, to get another Stitch Fix box, with the hopes of getting some Spring attire. For his latest Fix, he simply requested a Spring wardrobe, hoping to get a variety of pieces that would help with the transition from Winter to Spring.

#1 Descendant of Thieves – Crushed Tissue Seersucker Shirt
Price: $95

The first shirt out of the box was from Descendant of Thieves. Kristin, Brian’s stylist suggested this would be a good option for a BBQ, especially paired with Sperrys. That last bit made me laugh, because Brian is not exactly “preppy” or into boat shoes.

Brian: I’ll be blunt – this shirt was made of rainbow coloured toilet paper.  I really liked my last Descendant of Thieves shirt (check out our post here), but this one missed the mark, mainly in terms of comfort and fabric.  I couldn’t take myself seriously wearing a shirt that had more ripples than a roll of Cottenelle.

Continue to the next item to see a combined picture of Brian’s first two items.

#2 Flag & Anthem – Ellis Slub Short
Price: $45

The name of these shorts is funny, “slub.” I keep thinking “slob.” Brian’s stylist suggests wearing these bad boys out for a round of golf with the boys. I’m not sure he’ll be doing that activity anytime soon. I really like the light blue color of the shorts, which I think would be perfect for wearing on a cruise or going to the beach, but it takes a confident man to rock a pastel.

Brian: Clearly I am not a sufficiently confident man – I don’t wear pastel colored trousers.  Shirts, sure (except for salmon), but I get my pants and shorts dirty so light bottoms don’t last very long in my wardrobe.  These might be great for a round of golf as the stylist indicates, but I don’t play golf with “the boys”.

#3 Original Penguin – Daddy- O Solid Polo
Price: $55
Spring has sprung, and so have the pastels. Next out of the box was another pastel, but this top for on top. I think Brian looks good in pinks, but I know it’s hard to get him to commit to actually wearing colors besides white, blue, and grey. But, let’s see what exciting commentary he has to share this time around.

Brian: Ah yes, the classic salmon colored polo.  This is an item that everyone thinks a man should have in their closet, but not every man can actually pull off.  Personally, pink accentuates my rosacea so it was a pass.  Nice style and fit, just not the right colour for me.

With the combined pastel pants and top, Brian’s ready for a baby shower or gender reveal, hahaha. No, don’t get any ideas.

#4 Hawker Rye – Karson Spacedye Polo
Price: $38
When I spotted this next polo, I thought there was hope that Brian would find something in the box he’d like. It seemed like a classic “Brian” polo, all navy and and neutral. But, maybe I was wrong?

Brian: I was on the fence with this polo. I’m a sucker for navy blue polos (with at least 4 of them in my closet), but this one felt a tad too tight in the shoulders and armpits. I always wear an undershirt, and this shirt was a bit too snug to have another layer underneath.  I considered sizing up, but with a plethora of navy polos already, it didn’t feel worth it.

We paired this top with Brian’s last Fix item, another pair of shorts from Flag & Anthem, see below.

#5 Flag & Anthem – Wingate Short
Price: $39
We finish this Fix with one last pair of Flag & Anthem shorts, this time a different cut/design and a neutral/friendly color for Brian’s particular wardrobe.

Brian: These shorts were the saving grace of the fix, finally, something I could keep and not waste my entire styling fee.  There wasn’t anything special about these shorts, but they were a nice color and fit well for me to work into my summer wardrobe.

Brian’s Final Thoughts: I should have clarified that my Spring activities don’t include rounds of golf, going to the beach, or BBQs with friends.  It generally felt like this fix was designed for someone living on the west coast, where Spring is a whole lot closer to summer than it is here in the east.  I just ordered another fix today and tried to be a bit more descriptive about what I was looking for in hopes that I’ll keep more than 1 item.

Until next time, happy fixing!

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Men’s Summer Wardrobe – Stitch Fix Review

Photo Courtesy of Stitch Fix

Disclosure: This post contains Stitch Fix Affiliate links, and I may receive compensation.

What’s Stitch Fix: An amazing fashion company that provides you with your own personal stylist who picks out pieces based on your style profile, requests, budget and your figure!

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend received his second Fix from Stitch Fix, focusing on pieces for Summer. The Fix consisted of one pair of pants, three tops, and one pair of shorts. Let’s take a closer look and see what Brian had to say about the items his stylist chose.

#1 – Mavi Edward Slim Leg Pant
First up was a classic khaki colored slim legged pant from Edward. I highly recommend this type of cut for men who are tall and skinny. The slim leg is more attractive and flattering for long legs. Brian’s go to pants are cargos, so this was a bit of a style upgrade. While cargos are functional and I don’t really mind them, all the pockets have a tendency to bulk up a guy, which is why switching it up with a slim pant is always an easy way to dress up an outfit effortlessly.

Brian’s thoughts: I am afraid of white pants. When I saw the style card and saw a pair of white pants I thought to myself “well, this isn’t going to work out well”. Luckily, they turned out to be a very pleasant shade of grey (which Katie calls khaki – clearly unfamiliar with the intricacies of men’s pants). They fit well and, since they’re not actually white I’m not as worried about staining them. They’ll be a good addition to my pants lineup when the weather cools down.

We paired these Mavi pants with a Polo from this Fix below, for a cool casual Summer look. Check out item 2 for a fit pick.

Mavi Edward Slim Leg Pant – Stitch Fix for Men

#2 –  Tailor Vintage Brett One Pocket Polo
You can’t go wrong with a good polo. Polos are a great staple for every guy’s wardrobe and can make you look more put together than just a t-shirt, plus it’s as easy to style and pair with other items. The light blue color of this polo is oh so dreamy and great for guys with blue eyes. Don’t mind the wrinkles in the photo, a little steaming of those bad boys and this shirt is ready to wear.

Brian’s thoughts: This polo was on the larger side for me, but with a washing or two I felt confident it would shrink down a bit. I wear polos a lot during the summer so this seemed like a smart addition to my closet.

Tailor Vintage Brett One Pocket Polo – Stitch Fix for Men

#3 – Hawker Rye Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt
I was a little surprised to see a long sleeved button down for a Summer Fix, considering how hot it is here in the New York/New Jersey area, but hey it’s always good to get a transition piece for seasons, and I’m sure this one will be a great new addition as the Summer comes to a close and Fall starts creeping in. This blue long sleeve is a nice bright color and looks great with khaki pants. We also paired this shirt with the Mavi pants to give a more dressy look. While the button down isn’t advertised as being a slim cut, it seems to be cut in a slim style, which is great for guys like Brian who are thin and long in the chest.

Brian’s thoughts: My knee-jerk reaction was that this shirt was not what I wanted with this fix. I was hoping for some summer clothes, and this shirt is more of a fall/winter/spring/anytime but summer shirt. That said, it’s a nice shirt. My last teal-like shirt expired a few years ago so I’ll hang this up and pull it out in a few months when the weather cools off since it fit well.

Hawker Rye Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt – Stitch Fix for Men
Hawker Rye Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt with Mavi Edward Slim Leg Pant

#4 – Howe Fade Away Button Down Shirt
For the guy who isn’t into shirts with prints or designs that are too bold, this Howe shirt is great since it uses faded coloring. This piece screams beach to me, which is perfect for a Summer vacation (which I have yet to take). The top also gives me a bit of a “hipster” vibe. It’s not so extreme that it’ll turn off regular guys who aren’t into dressing all fashionable or hip, which is great because it can work for a variety of men. You’ll see a fit pick in the next item review below.

Brian’s thoughts:  This shirt has been sitting in my closet for a few weeks, I’m still not sure what I think of it. “Bowling shirt” keeps coming to mind whenever I see it. I’ve seen people out and about wearing shirts like this in clearly non-bowling settings, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Maybe I’ll get there some day, or I’ll join a bowling league.

Hawker Rye Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt – Stitch Fix for Men

#5 – 7 Diamonds Weekender Chino Short
As mentioned above, Brian’s a cargo pants kind of guy, and that goes for his shorts as well. I was excited to see his stylist provided something a bit more dressy and classic. The nicest part about these Chino Shorts is that they can be easily dressed up and make the wearer look more stylish just by how the short is cut and fitted. You could wear these out to dinner while off on your beach vacation and still look nice.

Brian’s thoughts:  Who likes short-shorts? On men… well erm… not me.  These shorts are shorter than I usually wear but they weren’t uncomfortably short, striking a few inches above the knee instead of the usual knee-length short I wear.  I know shorter shorts exist, but these were a nice stepping stone to more fitted shorts than the cargo-variety I usually wear. They don’t provide the cargo assortment of pockets so I’ve noticed my keys can irritate my thighs if I don’t put them in just right; on the flip side I feel more fashionable than usual when I wear them. It feels like a good trade off during the hot summer days.

Hawker Rye Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt – Stitch Fix for Men
Hawker Rye Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt with 7 Diamonds Weekender Chino Short

Final Impressions: I felt the Fix was a pretty good success. I loved seeing Brian try some new pieces out of his comfort zone and see a bit more style come into his closet. Here’s hoping he joins me in requesting a Fall Fix so we can keep the fashion rolling.

Brian’s overall impressions: 3 / 5 items were suitable for summer which was exactly what I was looking for. The other 2 items were nice (I kept them), but will have to sit in my closet for a few weeks until it cools down. I was disappointed I didn’t get more summer clothes, a non-blue shirt or another pair of shorts would have been nice substitutes. Maybe if I request a summer fix a bit earlier in the season (like late spring) I’ll get a fuller selection of summer clothes.

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