Stitch Fix Summer Review – 2020

It has been a long time since I’ve done a Stitch Fix review. I took a break from the company for a while for a few reasons. First, I kept getting bounced between stylists and it just didn’t seem like I was finding my match like I had a couple of years ago. Second, I didn’t really need a ton of new clothes, and three I just kind of fell out of it after the Affiliation program seemed to disappear without mention.

I substituted Stitch Fix with a rental service, Infinitely Loft, which I’m still using today. However a few weeks back I decided hey, I’m stuck at home, Summer is just about here, why not see if I can get some items from Stitch Fix to update my warm weather wardrobe.

My request this time around was for rompers, a dark washed non-distressed pair of jean shorts, and a dress or two. When I received my box however, what I had originally hoped to receive was not provided. Reading the stylist note I was a little disappointed to hear they didn’t have any summer rompers available, and hearing about the items pulled for me left me wondering if this box was worth it or not. Thankfully, I was fairly surprised by the items I received once I tried them on and gave them a chance.

Item #1 – Skies are Blue Pavlina Embroidered Cactus Knit Tee
Price: $44.00

Pavlina Embroidered Cactus Knit Tee

I don’t own a ton of tshirts or short sleeved tops, unless they are free ones I’ve gotten from work as swag or are branded for my company. So, it’s always good to find an option here and there that is a bit more coverage than my beloved tank tops and I can wear on those warm but not dreadfully hot summer days.

What I liked about this top was the fun stitched cactus pattern. The pattern is only the front, which is ok, but the top might be cuter if the pattern went all the way around. I also enjoy that the color combo with this shirt is one of my favorites, navy blue with white. To me, that color combo says summer since I’m really into nautical or preppy styles like that. The fit is ok, not tight, slightly loose, and the neckline cut is flattering.

Item #2 – Just Black Romeo Distressed Cuffed Frayed Hem Denim Short
Price: $58.00

Romeo Distressed Cuffed Frayed Hem Denim Short

This item is pictured above on me in the first item review.

Just reading that title and I’m already thinking there are two words in there that do not go with what I requested in this fix – Distressed and Frayed. Taking a closer look, the distressing and fraying isn’t too terrible. There’s no actual holes cut out of the shorts, and they don’t look that bad. The wash is dark, which does fit with what I was looking for.

In terms of how they fit, they are a larger size than I would have purchased in store, and they are a bit looser than most of my shorts I own. I figure they might tighten up in the wash. But at least the looseness is comfortable and not drooping off of me, but still I probably would have prefered a size down to be my regular pants size.

Item #3 – Threads 4 Thought Arias Twist Back Knit Top
Price: $54.00

Arias Twist Back Knit Top

At first look, I’m not the biggest fan of this print or top. It’s nothing special, doesn’t do anything great for me or my body, and I feel the floral is a bit frumpy, maybe better for someone who’s a little older. The colors aren’t bad, but overall it isn’t a top I’m super thrilled or excited about. However, like I said earlier, it’s good to have a few short sleeved tops in one’s wardrobe. I decided to keep this top because it was cheaper to keep it than return it. The fabric is a little unique, it doesn’t feel like a usual knit fabric, it’s kind of silky and almost like a wicking material. Overall, it’s ok, but not really my cup of tea.

Item #4 – Market and Spruce Britta T-shirt Dress
Price: $64.00

Britta T-shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses can make me a little nervous. The cuts aren’t the most exciting or flattering, and I’m always worried it’ll cling to my stomach or make me look a little strange.

What I like about this dress though is the coloring, it’s a white with blackish blue stripes that once again make me think of a preppy or nautical style. The dress itself is also really comfortable. I could definitely see bringing this on a beach vacation, or just going around in the summer. It’s cute and fun. The best part is that it doesn’t cling to anything, and while t-shirt dresses look boxy, and it does look a bit like that in some photos, I don’t actually mind. It’s a really easy dress to just throw on and head out the door in, and who doesn’t need that during quarantine or the summer months?

Item #5 – Kaleigh Rochelle Knit Jumpsuit
Price: $58.00

Rochelle Knit Jumpsuit

I’ve never owned a jumpsuit, at least in the past 20 year I haven’t, but a jumpsuit is basically a romper just less summer heat and humidity friendly with pants instead of shorts. When I pulled it out of the box I was worried about what the length of it would be, and how it would sit on my body. Would the proportions work? Would I look silly?

Well, let me tell you, this jumpsuit might give me the disco fever and feels, but I actually kind of love it. I definitely didn’t expect to like it, but I fell in love. Perhaps because it’s so different from things I wear, and that it’s kind of a little out there. What’s wrong with spicing it up a little with something a little unique and flashy, haha.

My boyfriend may think I look a little silly, and I came out of the bedroom from trying it on doing a disco dance, but it made me smile and that’s what you look for in clothes, isn’t it?

I should note, this jumpsuit is appropriately long, but not drag under your feet long. My style card showed wedges as the perfect shoe for this outfit, and I recommend them too. You’ll get just enough lift to make this length work great. I should note I am 5 foot 5, so if you’re shorter than that, this might be a hard sell for you since the pants are full length.

Review Summary: While I didn’t get all the items I wanted, and it wasn’t my most favorite fix of all time, I was pleasantly surprised by some of the items in this box, and decided to keep everything since it was cheaper that way with the discount for buying everything. I still wish I got an actual sleeveless romper or flowy dress for the Summer, but maybe next time it’ll be meant to be.

Next up: I’ll be reviewing some of the “shop your looks” options that you can now get from the Stitch Fix app. I’m looking forward to trying this option out instead of requesting a full on fix. Let’s see how it goes!

Until next time, stay healthy, happy, and safe out there! Happy Summer!

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Is it Spring yet!? Stitch Fix Spring Review

Image Courtesy of Stitch Fix

Disclosure: This post contains Stitch Fix Affiliate links, and I may receive compensation.

Winter has not gone away yet on the East Coast, even though Spring is officially here! Although it snowed this week, and there’s still more snow in the forecast, I couldn’t help myself and had to order a Spring fix, in hopes that it would make it really feel like the season was finally here. My goal for this Fix was to get some “Spring essentials,” whatever my stylist might think those are.

I didn’t have my regular stylist for this month, but a stylist named Cassandra who I’ve received another recent Fix from, but you’ll have to wait a bit to hear about that Fix. Spoiler, if you’re a pockets in dresses type of girl, you’ll want to keep an eye on this space! Now to this Fix…

#1 – Market & Spruce Liano Mixed Material Top
I’m a fan of tank tops, and of Market & Spruce, so I had a feeling this would be a winning combo for me. What I love most about the “tank tops” Stitch Fix has provided me over the years is that they elevate my style and find pieces that say me, but are more fashion forward or dressed up, which is great! I absolutely love this color combo! The front of this tank is super silky and divine, while the back is solid dark blue with a nice lace detail down the center. I love how this top can be dressed up or down and how the floral print, without being obnoxious, says Spring!

Market & Spruce Liano Mixed Material Top – Stitch Fix

Market & Spruce Liano Mixed Material Top – Stitch Fix

#2 – Level 99 Primrose Skinny Jean
You may have noticed in the above picture that I’m rocking some pretty cute jeans. Well, those babies are from Level 99. In a past post I discussed my love for purple pants and how I was excited to finally have a pair, but these beauties are absolutely perfect, and now my new favorite. It’s also amazing how well they pair with the top in my Fix. Purple is a must for Spring! These pants are perfect for my long legs, and are super smooth and sleek. The price is a bit steep, but it’s not the first time I’ve paid this much for a pair of Stitch Fix pants, however not a price I’d personally pay if I was out shopping in a store in person. Ah, the price for convenience!

Level 99 Primrose Skinny Jean – Stitch Fix

Level 99 Primrose Skinny Jean – Stitch Fix Review

#3 – Market & Spruce Jann Sueded Patch Open Cardigan
I love a cardigan. Not only are cardigans great to have year round, but they are a great staple for the office and cool Spring and Summer nights. I’ve got a few in my closet, but none quite like this Market & Spruce piece. What I love most about this cardigan is the interesting detail of suede right around the wrist and lower arm. It’s funky, unique, and fun. I’ve also found the suede “cuffs” to be useful – keeping my arms from sliding while typing at my desk, which may otherwise happen from how soft this cardigan is. The deep pockets are a nice added touch, and great for carrying around a phone, clipping on a work badge, or just keeping your hands warm. This is a keeper.

Market & Spruce Jann Sueded Patch Open Cardigan – Stitch Fix

Market & Spruce Jann Sueded Patch Open Cardigan – Stitch Fix

#4 – Daniel Rainn Dunleith Crochet Trim Knit Top
Now when I think Spring, I don’t think about the color black, but lo and behold I received a black top in my Fix. At first I was a bit surprised but after trying on the top, I can see why it was included. The top part of the top is crocheted and it really gives the top a light and feminine touch. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this top much because it didn’t scream “Spring,” but it’s super cute on, plus it gives me an excuse to pair it with a fun colored pant! Do note that since the top part isn’t solid fabric, your bra strap will show. I’d recommend a black bra or a nude color bra.

Daniel Rainn Dunleith Crochet Trim Knit Top – Stitch Fix

Daniel Rainn Dunleith Crochet Trim Knit Top – Stitch Fix

#5 – Skies are Blue Langlock Cold Shoulder Top
In the past I definitely wouldn’t have considered myself a cold shouldered kind of gal, but Stitch Fix is turning me into one! These stylists have a way with changing my mind about articles of clothing! The first thing that caught my eye about this top was the beautiful brightness of the top. The stark white with a colorful floral pattern makes for a perfect Spring (and Summer) piece. I was a bit nervous when I saw the cut of the top and the whole straps situation, but I figured I’d give it a shot and see how it looked on. Well, I’m sold! I love the delicate crochet detail at the bottom and how flowy and springy it looks on. Super comfy and super cute! Stitch Fix, you’ve made me become a believer in the “cold shoulder.”

Skies are Blue Langlock Cold Shoulder Top – Stitch Fix

Skies are Blue Langlock Cold Shoulder Top – Stitch Fix

Don’t leave yet! Have you heard of “Extras” by Stitch Fix? They now offer intimates like camies, bras, shapewear, socks and tights! I decided to give it a try and picked a nude bra as my “extra” of choice. The best part about “extras” is that you can add as many as you want to your fix, or none at all. You can also use your styling fee towards any extras you may purchase, so that’s a win win!

The bra I received was the Wacoal La Femme Bra in “tan.” I’m always on the hunt for a good fitting bra, and nude is definitely a staple that every woman should have. Things seem to fit ok, and it’s already replaced my go to nude bra. I might have to check out some of the other extras available next time!

Wacoal La Femme Bra – Stitch Fix extras

Final Thoughts – This was a 5/5 Fix for me. Sure it wasn’t the most “springy” or colorful of Fixes I’ve received, but the pieces were all solid, and definitely matched my style. I love how most, if not all my pieces can mix and match with other items from this Fix, making styling a breeze! I’m already planning out my Summer Fix request, and I think I’m going to be brave and ask for something I’ve never tried before – stay tuned!

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