Luvn Beauty, an honest review on quick fashion

Quick fashion companies seem to be all the rage lately due to sites like Facebook, Instagram, and perhaps more than any other site, TikTok.

On TikTok you’ll find tons of videos of women trying on clothing items from a lot of the Quick or Hot Fashion websites that have popped up and gained popularity on the internet. Most of these companies tend to be from overseas in Asia, where sizing and quality are really up in the air and it’s almost like a game to see what you end up with.

I was feeling the quarantine boredom and blues and made the decision to click around a site advertised to me on social media (most likely Instagram) called Luvn Beauty. The clothes looked cute, the prices were cheap, and there were reviews on the site for the items I was looking at, so I figured it couldn’t be that sketchy, could it?

I gave in, and purchased two rompers after what I thought was extensive review of the items, the size charts, and the customer feedback. I ended up purchasing the Sleeveless Round Neck Stripy Romper in a size medium, and the Fashion Sleeveless Round Neck Tie Button Romper in a size small. I really went back and forth a bit on what sizes to get, and it seemed based on size charts I was a different size in each. I figured the items were cheap enough that hey, let’s get the different sizes and it’ll help me understand better for the future what size I really am from this company.

Both looked cute, the first one a little more form fitting, and the second baggy and loose. There were reviews for each and people seemed to love the items, so why not?

Then reality kicked in.

I used paypal to checkout, and then a couple days later on my mobile banking app I checked to make sure the purchase went through and saw the paypal purchase went to a random place in China, no reference to Luvn Beauty. That was my first clue I had made a mistake haha. I had hoped this wasn’t coming from China, because I knew shipping would be slow and that what I got in the mail may not be what I ordered.

After talking to support, eventually my item shipped. It appeared to sit in Jamaica Queens in New York for several days after it “shipped” which probably meant after it made it to America, and then after a week or two after that it made its way to me. What was strange on the package was that the from address was in New Jersey, another odd indicator that this was a strange setup.

The first item, the stripped white and blue romper seemed decent-ish. The fabric was not what I expected. From the photos the fabric looked a bit heavier and stiff. This romper had very silky thin fabric instead. From a fit perspective, I was able to get it on and fit into it, but it was a bit loose in the armpit chest area, and was longer on my torso and legs than I expected.

The second, tan-ish looking romper which gave me safari vibes, was cheap looking. The fabric was very thin, didn’t look great, and was just a disappointment right out of the bag. Trying it on was another thing. It felt like it was riding up on my lower half of the body, and I couldn’t get the buttons to button around my chest. Of course as I was putting this post together and looking for the item on the site I realize I was wearing it backwards and the buttons are supposed to go on the back, but I would need help with that.

I reached out to learn more about returns, but of course they wanted me to send it back to some random address in China, which I expected would be costly and take forever so it wasn’t worth it. I bet they do this on purpose, knowing most people won’t go through the hassle. I did end up wearing the blue and white romper this week while working from home, and it was ok, but I’m not sure I like how big/loose it is on my frame, but alas it’s acceptable for a day at home.

While I was browsing Reddit in bed this morning, I saw a post in one of the Women subreddits about what’s something you saw and bought from social media, but regret. One of the comment threads was about clothes you see advertised online, that look good, seem well priced, but end up being a fail. The one company I recognized the name of in the thread was Shein, which I see everywhere on TikTok. For the commenters it seems that site is a hit or miss, and from TikTok it seems most people enjoy the items they get, but I think I’ll stay away. Maybe it’s time to try a clothing subscription box again. Stitch Fix maybe? I’ve also heard a bit about Wantable, and they seemed to have decent reviews. We’ll have to see what the Summer months bring to my wardrobe.

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Rothy’s – The Sneaker Review

The Sneaker in Sand (Rothy’s)

I’ve been a fan of Rothy’s for a few years now, having purchased a few different colors of their Point shoe, and enjoying the fact that the shoes were washable and made of recyclable products. I was recently looking for a neutral sneaker and recalled seeing Rothy’s advertise about “The Sneaker” shoe for a while, so I figured let’s give it a try.

I bought The Sneaker in the Sand color, liking that it was a nice light neutral color that I felt I could wear with most things in my wardrobe. The size I went with was my usual shoe size (7), as the site said this shoe fits true to size, unlike some of their other options that they recommend sizing up a bit in.

At first try on, I wasn’t sure I was going to be a fan of the shoes. The material rubbed a bit on the upper part of my foot, and I couldn’t tell if I should wear socks, no-show socks, or nothing at all when donning these neutral kicks. I figured there’s no better way to figure it out then to try all three combos and see what looked and worked best for me.

Since at first I wasn’t sure I liked the feeling bare footed, I slipped into the shoes with my normal fun patterned Pusheen socks. This seemed to feel better, but eventually I determined normal socks were a little too thick for these snug shoes and opted to give no-show socks a try.

Everything seemed ok enough, so out the door and to the nature walk outside my front door I went! A few minutes in I felt that the no-show sock was biting into my heel a bit, rubbing with the back of the shoe. It didn’t feel great, and I was worried I was going to get a blister, but thankfully I didn’t. After breaking these kicks in for a day, I decided to give the no socks try again, and it was a success!

It seemed these shoes and my feet just needed to break things into together for a day or so, stretching out the sides a bit with my socks previously, and everything started to feel pretty comfortable. I’ve been wearing the Rothy’s sneaker exclusively for about 2 weeks now, testing them out in various scenarios, walking the nature path in the heat, walking through home depot, doing a grocery run, driving, etc.

After my 2 week test drive, I’d say these shoes are a winner. They are lightweight, a cute color with a pop of fun on the back heel, and they don’t require much breaking in. I’ve also found they are easy to wear and look good with just about anything, from jeans and leggings, to dresses and rompers you can make the look work.

I was hesitant to try a slip on sneaker style like this, since I don’t tend to wear slip ons, worrying that my skinny heels will slip right out, but I haven’t had any slippage issues with these shoes. If you’re like me and have trouble keeping slip on shoes on your heels and ankles, these just might work for you too!

Rothy’s The Sneaker

Want to give Rothy’s a try? Use my code for $20 off your first purchase!

Next up, I’m going to be trying out The Wrap Sandal from the company. It’s getting hot here on the East Coast and I’ve already brought out my shorts, so it’s time to bring out the sandals.

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Saying Goodbye to Infinitely Loft

For the past ~2 years I’ve been using the rental service Infinitely Loft on and off. I took a several month long break for quite a while during the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic and in the midst of us moving into our first house. I figured I could save a little bit of money while I spent a bucket load setting up my new home, buying furniture, and working from home that I didn’t really need to get all dressed up for the time being.

Fast forward to a couple months ago when I resubscribed. I had been working from home for almost a year and decided why not do something for myself and get some cute outfits here and there to spice things up a bit.

It worked out well until a month or so ago when the announcement came that Loft would be shutting down the service due to Covid-19 difficulties. To this day I’m still not sure if that means Infinitely Loft is done for good, or just for a few months or so until they figure out what’s going on in the country pandemic wise. The good news is that vaccines have been rolling out more and more so maybe that will make things come back to life?

When I got the news I was saddened since I had just gotten back into the groove and excitement of getting new items every week or so. Knowing that my time with the program was limited, and seeing that they were giving more discounts off if you wanted to buy an item, I decided to use this time to my advantage and request items I really loved the look of and wanted to possibly buy.

I threw in items for Spring and Summer, even though it was still in the 40s around here, thinking why not see if I can get some of my favorited items for really cheap!? In the past, I’ve had really great success buying some of the items I’ve rented. I’ve never had a problem with the articles of clothing being damaged, looking used, etc.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the items I snagged for 85% off during my last month on the service.

Trellis Garden Ruffle Jumpsuit In Whisper White – Infinitely Loft
Tortoiseshell Print Belt Strappy Romper In Black – Infinitely Loft
Flutter Romper In Whisper White – Infinitely Loft

In total, I rented 123 items throughout my time on the program.
Of the 123, I purchased 17 items.

What I enjoyed most about Infinitely Loft was that I was able to try a variety of new styles that I might not have otherwise. From jumpsuits to maxi dresses, there was something new and exciting always available to rent. I also got to play around with colors that I typically don’t purchase or wear because of my coloring as a redhead, but found some colors I really enjoyed (burnt yellow/mustard).

I’ll be crossing my fingers for the program to return in the near future. I know I’ll be happy to sign back up, especially as life starts coming back to normal and return to the office will be coming soon.

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2020 Reading Challenge Recap

I realize I’m quite late to the game on this post, but better late than never? We did have quite the pandemic in 2020, so I think we’re all a little more lenient on people’s speed of actions lately. So while we’re already several months in 2021 (and the pandemic continues!) I wanted to look back at my reading challenge I set for last year because quite honestly, I’m just proud of myself, and I read a lot of great books!

I had a goal of 20 books, figuring 20 books for 2020, why not. What I, and the rest of the world didn’t anticipate, was that 2020 would be a year like none we’ve ever experienced.

March came around and I started to work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, giving me more “free” or “me” time since I wasn’t commuting in and out of New York City. This allowed me to have a little more time in the evenings to snuggle up with a good book. I started a few series, read some fun novels, and read a few short stories. For the most part, most books I picked up were winners, which makes getting through so many a breeze!

One of my favorite books that I picked up last year was The Art of Inheriting Secrets. It was a novel about romance, self discovery, growth and full of charm and characters you fell in love with. I honestly thought about this book for weeks afterward, it just really stuck with me.

As you can see from my selection above, I’m obsessed with anything about magic, witches, royalty, or the occasional time period story with romance thrown in.

I’m so proud of the number I was able to accomplish. Just like 2020 was unique, 2021 is pretty similar in a lot of ways. I’m still working from home until at least end of Summer, the world is still a little crazy, and my state has one of the highest number of Covid 19 deaths in the US, and in the world, so I’m staying home and staying safe.

This year I’m well on my way towards my goal of 30 books. Will I surpass it like last year? We’ll have to see what curveballs come my way this year.

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Shopping my Stitch Fix Looks

Stitch Fix Cosmo Cat

Not too long ago, Stitch Fix introduced a new feature in their app and site called “Shop Your Looks.” It seemed really intriguing, you can finally order pieces without getting a whole fix, which could be a huge toss up.

Their first launch was around completing your looks you already had. I wasn’t really interested in that feature, since I was looking for brand new looks and pieces, rather than something to dress up or down my current dresses or tops. So when I saw the new tab that allowed you to shop unique looks pulled for you based on your style quizzes, and past purchases, I figured it was worth giving a shot.

I’m still disappointed to see it’s not advertising any rompers to me, but I did notice a couple of items that stood out. One of the items that caught my eye was a cute flowy faux wrap dress. As you’ve heard me say before, there’s nothing more universally flattering than a wrap dress. It’s perfect for all shapes and sizes, and really flatters your body shape. I made the selection via the app, and within a couple of days it arrived at my door step.

Kaela Faux Wrap Knit Dress

When I pulled it out of the bag, I immediately loved everything about it, from the fabric, to the print, to the color. The blue is gorgeous and the pattern is fun and bright. I also really love how soft, flowy, and comfortable this dress feels. It’s simply an effortless choice. I noticed when I checked the app again they had some other colors in the same dress, but they weren’t my style, but if they create other colors, I might just have to splurge one day!

The last item I was looking for, just for the heck of it, was to see what kind of shorts were available to me. My last fix did have some nice dark jean shorts, but they did have distressing, which I didn’t want. So when I found a great dark pair, I wondered why my stylist hadn’t picked them out for me? I’m thinking they were in limited quality because I can’t find them in the “Buy it again” section like I can for the dress I purchased.

The shorts are very dark, cute, and fit well. A perfect staple for my quarantine summer I suppose 🙂

Feedback about the experience: I don’t like how you can’t check out and purchase more than one item at a time. You literally have to make individual purchases, which means different shipments being sent your way. It doesn’t seem like the most efficient, and Stitch Fix probably missed out on a few extra bucks from me since I wasn’t feeling like going back in the app and purchasing that second dress I had my eye on since I couldn’t add it to a cart and checkout with the other item I wanted. Maybe they’ll fix this in a future update?

In the end, it was a neat experience. I appreciate being able to buy individual pieces now that suit my needs or peek my interests.

Stitch Fix referral code here.

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